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LARIS enables Land Owner or the Advocates to apply land applications process by the Land Department, Ministry of Development through online application.

The types of applications processed online are as follows:-
1.    Land Ownership Transfer
2.    Change Of Land Title Special Condition
3.    Land Charged To Financial Institutions
4.    Lease of Private Land (More than 7 years)
5.    Lease Renewal for Private Land​


1. Land Owner or the Lawyer should first register to e-Darussalam portal.​

2. Choose the Type of Land Application.

3. Fill in the relevant Form Online.

4. Upload relevant original documents relevant scanned pdf format according to the checklist of (for) each application.

​5. All the information provided must be true and correct before pressing "Submit". If applicant is unsure, it is advised that the applicant press the "Save" button to store temporary information that has just been inputted.​ (Press "Save" button if unsure)


​Outstanding Annual Rent Payment must be paid before submitting any land applications​





1. If the application is found to have been falsified and incorrect, the application will not be accepted and will not be processed​.​

2. If the application is approved, all original documents and the original land title should be submitted to the Land Registration Section, at the respective district of the Land office. (Department).​​​

3. Before submitting any application, the Applicant need to verify the (that) name/IC number of land owner in the land title document is consistent with the name on IC number.
If it is not consistent, the applicant need to submit a separate application for 'Land Title Ammendment - Name/IC number' at Land Department before applying Land Transfer of Ownership through LARIS.

1. Existing kiosk (PC and Scanner) is stationed on the First Floor, Design and Technology Building, Anggerek Desa.
2. 2 kiosks are available on the Ground Floor, Registration Section and Third Floor, Application and Land Usage Section,​ Land Department's Headquarter and 4 kiosks are (will be) available at each district Land Office Districts (Brunei Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong).​